Any particular song

Tracy Perry

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That got you REALLY interested in guitars?
For me, it was Hotel California... a wonderful blend of the use of both acoustic and electric guitars in a great song.



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Easy to understand, there's so much going on in that song.

I was brought up listening to classical music and had no idea anything else existed until I heard this on a 78 RPM record.

I've no idea where it came from and at the time it never occurred to me there might be other music like it... well I was only 6 but it did prompt me to pick up a really badly damaged acoustic guitar we had lying around.

Roll on a few years and I came across one of the most amazing pieces of artwork I'd ever seen in the form of an album cover. I bought it to stick on my bedroom wall and at some point decided I might as well play the record that came with it.

Within a very short space of time I had my first electric guitar, a second hand Fender Telecaster.