Meet Earthboard, the First Ever Magnetically-Powered and Designed Pedalboard


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This looked quite interesting until I watched the video. The magnets (Gravity Boots) appear to be secured to the pedals by Velcro which looks somewhat awkward on odd shaped pedals. To be honest Velcro provides a very cost effective, elegant and easily interchangeable method of securing pedals. I've used it for years without a single problem.

Many pedals require different voltages, which doesn't seem to be catered for here. My mains powered power supply provides all the options I need and never runs out of juice. What happens when the battery runs flat in the middle of a gig? Finally, the claim that 'less tangle of cords, means a cleaner, safer stage front' is puzzling. Every pedal still needs an input, output and power cord.

This seems to me to be a rather pricey solution to a problem that doesn't really exist.