Solar Unveils Eight New Electric Guitars

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Last November, Ola Englund—guitarist of Swedish metal groups The Haunted and Feared—announced the launch of his own guitar brand, Solar Guitars. This week, Solar announced a significant addition to its line of products, with the unveiling of eight new guitars.

The new models include a couple of left-handed models, three new A-series models, a fresh S design with an Evertune bridge and two new Explorer-style Es. All of the new guitars come with Duncan Solar pickups.

"It has always been all about designing a modern, sleek and simply elegant guitar that is easy to play and sounds absolutely awesome with any gear or studio recording being thrown at me," Englund said in a press release about Solar Guitars.

"I finally created what, for me, has become the ultimate songwriting and touring companion."

You can take a look at the new models below.

Solar A1.6ETC

Solar A1.6ETC ($999)

Solar A1.6ETWHM

Solar A1.6ETWHM ($999)


Solar A1.6ETTBLM LH ($1,049)

Solar A2.7TBRM

Solar A2.7TBRM ($749)

Solar A2.7TBRM LH

Solar A2.7TBRM LH ($799)

Solar S1.6ETC

Solar S1.6ETC ($1,099)

Solar E1.6ETC

Solar E1.6ETC ($1,099)

Solar E2.6TBRM

Solar E2.6TBRM ($799)

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A bit of a pointy variation on an Ibanez theme going on there which I don't dislike. They are quite affordable, I wonder how they play.